Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham


Just got back from the 11:30 showing of Batman Begins. Well done movie. The fight scenes are hard to keep track of sometimes (I completely lost track of who was hitting who) and some of the lines were almost corny. Also, I have no real background in the universe. Everything I knew fit, although it sort of felt like they were crowding all sorts of things in for continuity.

Overall recommendation? If you like this kind of movie at all, go see it. If you hate comic book movies, or action, or any of that, it doesn't have anything special to make you see it. For those who care, try and find the Lord of the Rings reference I think I saw. :)

Also, before the movie we saw an assortment of Batman material, from the 1930s to the Simpsons. Some of it was just terribly hokey (like when Robin brought the Batcopter in too low over the ocean and Batman, who was hanging from the Bat Ladder, (seriously, it even had a label saying "Bat Ladder") got attacked by an obviously rubber shark, which bit his leg and hung on until Robin climbed down the ladder with the shark-repellant spray. However, the absolute ultimate material was:

The Philippines version of Batman, where Robin had extremely womanly legs, and the themesong had the tune of "Surfin' Safari". Seriously, Surfin' Safari. There was even a dance routine to it, with Superman, Wonder Woman, and a midget Spiderman as backup dancers. Oh yeah, the Joker was the lead singer. I really want to see the whole thing.

That's the Alamo Drafthouse for you. My next plan for a movie to go to is Mr. & Mrs. Smith, on Friday with eliset. However, my dedication has taken a decisive waver, as I discover that there is an honest, real Burlesque Show at the Drafthouse downtown Friday night.

Other upcoming shows of interest are the Michael Winslow live specials (he's the guy who makes all the noises with his mouth, as seen on Police Academy), the Star Wars rip-off series Monday nights in July, and the Foleyvision "For Your Height Only", the Philippine midget James Bond, agent 003&1/2. Weird Wednesday's 7/13 showing includes a redhead with a shotgun, and Mr. Sinus is doing Red Dawn. I really wish jazz007 was here, because I'd really like to go with her to most of these, over and above the regular missing her.

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