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How evil are you?

From kayshapero
Pick 5 songs that you figure many/most people will know. Enter lyric excerpts of up to 150 words at Babelfish. Translate from English to German, from German to French, from French to Portuguese, and from Portuguese back to English.
Post the result, and see if people can figure out what song it was.

Ok, I had to fiddle a lot with the languages, so they're actually not in that order, as French-Portuguese isn't offered to me and I wanted to make it harder.

1) Come and in the circle, my child collects being and to belong to be able to seem complete a great tettonica of the flagstone comes and tons one narration to feel the movement, exactly if the beauty in the relative part of awakening here, of that what of the terror to have our nation the end to give stops backwards great o one epitaph of the nature for that one the v honors for the relative one sak3. the low end scramble above the end to come to understand it in our historical resistance of affinchè of the nation of the test of the nature is not nothing to collate here certain to be in the sea of the great part in a position the Nébraska [ chorus ] and the end to more embed also for deep and the form the losing ocean for the internal transmission and fifth ours 14 geography of that million espíritos relative the amiable sky the emendation of the great sea of Nébraska the end to find

2) The OH are just we this meetin from evening ' in the court to eight in the point you walk in the falltuer, and seizure, before the revolution toward rights us, if you receive here, we that we abhor, watch out in order to be extracted, but, we take downward names of everyone the OH the left one of the revolution, sums the society of the birke of John the society of the birke of John, around our country of a connected diagram communisant to retain here the society of the birke of John it them help the sumptuous to fill, around this movement to receive have them begin at you to have the need

3) They form the examination of this woman to him? * I to dig, I I it like savage I and i-Federn the morning I zu much however us faç without family if is very precise happy they increasingly late that his/her mother is a flake, my full Vatershite its to dig they case-Weiss I only for Bosheitbrunnen one to take part one to take part, until date on a happy step always then that and there is my batch and its batch and interior two between this começ case (to ask god) last marks I is this começ last case marks I is to fight

Ok, #1 is pretty obscure. Fine. They all are.

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