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Life Arrives at total WTF

Lisa Bassett

thinks you're cool enough to play Catch27.

This is what Lisa says about you:

Andrew rocks my socks!!

And here's Lisa pleading for you to join the game:

Hi! So here is the invite I mentioned on the Facebook. In case you forgot, I prostrated myself in awe before you and begged you to be in my pack because you seem like an awesome person....(in addition to being SERIOUSLY attractive;) I really hope you join! Hot people with rockin’ brains---its an unbeatable combo. I know the plug I gave you is lame, and I’ll be happy to change it after you sign up. It would be much easier to write something worthy of you after we get to know each other. Enjoy!! It's a game. A social scene. An un-lame way to meet people.

All you have to do is create your personal trading card and start your pack.

Then you COLLECT friends . . . TRADE friends . . . . and BUY friends ......Just like baseball cards.

Yes, it's heartless.

Yes, it's cruel.

But your social life is a game, anyway. Why not PLAY it? is the ANTI-Friendster, Thefacebook's evil twin, Myspace without the skank-a-thon. Just do these three simple steps:

You login with the password we give you below.

You fill out your card.

You send the letter to three friends.

The Boys and Girls at Catch27 will be watching, laughing, and giving SideKick II's to all players slick enough to collect 27 Catches of the same type------ i.e., 27 Lucy Liu look-alikes, 27 DJ's, 27 blonde ex-baton twirlers.

P.S. An iPod (the new 40GB) or a pair of Jimmy Choo's goes to the person charming enough to make-out with all 27 of their Catches. Good luck!

Now, here's the Facebook message referred to in her message

Lisa Bassett

Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

My God, you are good looking!

My name is Lisa Bassett. You have no idea who I am, but I want to assure you that I am a HUGE loser.

I just graduated from Boston University and moved to Austin--- I don't really know anyone in Texas.

I'm interning (read: being totally abused) by the fabulous E.Jean Carroll of ELLE Magazine and she says I can only ask "cool" people to check out this wicked new site, so I'm going through my facebook . . . and you are majorly attractive ;-)

Seriously, this is the world's WORST website. It's evil. It's heartless--- yes, we collect friends--- but we also TRADE them for hotter friends... just like baseball cards in 3rd grade!! (We can also BUY friends--- I TOLD you it was wicked!!)

The site's HUGE in Boston and I want to get Texas in the game, cuz I think Texas can play the pants off Harvard. You guys were raised with Texas Hold 'Em----right? That will KILL the MIT brainiacs.

I'm gonna send you my personal invitation to the site, so check your freakin email or she will BEAT me--- my boss will literally sic her 4 HUGE dogs on me if I don't make some friends, and FAST!!

No, I don't recall having ever met this person before.

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