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This is typed on Daniel's computer, since we've brought the piles of books back to his & Ben's flat. We made two trips to the sale, and I ended up with about 50 books, mostly Alistair Maclean and Georgette Heyer (I just kept seeing them!) so far. Cass spent $117 (most books are .50, with newer ones between $1 and 3.50). I've spent $50. Ben, (who's with Cass) has spent around $70, and Daniel's taking up the rear with about $25. The car was sagging terrible when we drove off.

Now we're off to the Cook for dinner and drinks, and then we'll head back to the sale around 8:30 or so. Maybe do a midnight run too or something.

This is just so awesome! Thousands of books, for .50 NZ each!
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