Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Go Horns Go!

UT Longhorns beat North Carolina 78-75 in the Round of 32 in the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. Texas Women game is tomorrow. ESPN probably won't carry it here. :(

I fell for the memage, and was surprised by how it error corrected the result. If I say I think my life is PG-13 rated, it says:

My life is rated R.
What is your life rated?

But if I say I think mine is R rated, I get:

My life is rated NC-17.
What is your life rated?

Now, I guess it's just going to show that my answers made me sound worse or whatever. But really, looking back PG-13 is much more appropriate (at least as far as the adult content goes). So if it's really NC-17, I wish I'd notice... ;-)
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