Andrew Lambdin-Abraham (kd5mdk) wrote,
Andrew Lambdin-Abraham

Alphabet Meme

Since it occurs to me a lot of people don't know that much about me, why not spread the details?

And now, for the Alphabet meme.

A - Act your age: 20. Currently a moderately successful college student who desires independence but not quite that much. Part time job and intend to cut lose from parents after graduation.

B - Boyfriend: No romantic male companions. Actually, I spend a lot of time with tygerr, and he's both male and quite romantic. But not my boyfriend.

C - Chore you hate - Hmm. I suppose it's a tossup between laundry and cleaning. Laundry isn't bad, it just keeps coming back.

D - Dad's name - Larry

E - Essential make up item - None in my world. Others may disagree. I suspect this meme was written with women in mind.

F - Favourite actor ? Hmm. No idea.

G - Gold or silver - Gold these days.

H - Hometown ? Austin Texas

I - Instruments you play ? Used to play flute.

K - Kids - Not for 5 years, please

L - Living arrangements ? Currently in a single room in a dorm in UT-Austin

M - Mum's nationality - Pennsylvania.

N - Number of people you've been in love with -- 3

O - Overnight hospital stays ? 1, when I was ~2.

P - Phobia ? Probably embarrassment, social faux pas

Q - Quote you like- "Actions have consequences" - Scott Palter

R - Religious affiliation ? Believing Agnostic?

S - Sibling ? Sister, 17

T - Time you wake up? - 9:30 am. Unless it's the weekend, when it's noon.

U - Unique habit ? I don't know. Someone would have to tell me.

V - Vegetable you refuse to eat ? Brussels Sprouts- Nothing can make them good. Tomatoes and Bananas are fruit, unfortunately.

W - Worst habit ? Social shyness

X - X-rays you've had ? Wrist

Y - Yummy food you make ? Molasses Cookies

Z - Zodiac sign - Taurus

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